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Ubuhle Beauty Products is a skin care company that produces quality effective skin products that are distributed on our online platform. Members buy the products at lower prices and resell at a profit.
Our platform also allows members to earn money in various ways. This is informed by our intent “Upliftment of the People”.


Frequently Asked Questions

To get started a member will require to register an account and pay account fee of R 250. This will allow the member to order products at up to 50% discount.

Members order products from their account and select how they require their order to be delivered either by courier to an address or via a taxi or a pickup from one of the collection points listed in the system.

The system allows members to refer others. When you register the system allocates a member their referral link that can be shared on any social network platform. When someone clicks on the link, they will be redirected to the registration page and will automatically become the member’s downliner.

A member can also enter their referrer’s Member No at registration if they do not use the link.

The system pays R 75 for each direct referral and R 25 for each member your direct referral introduces.

A member earn 10% commission of all their direct referrals’ orders. As your referrals buys, you earn. There is one condition however, you need to have made an order within a period of 30 days to earn the commission in that period.

For every 12 packs of 10 that a member orders, they earn R 350 performance bonus

The system opens up for members to make requests of amounts accumulated during the month. Amounts requested are paid into the member’s bank account before the 25th of the month.

You can make a payment online or deposit in our bank account using any preferred method.

You can also pay using your system wallet if you have enough income generated.

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